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Confidence Speaks

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‘Even when you are wrong be confident in your wrong, just be sure you’re sincerely wrong’- Lawrence Achudume.

The way you carry yourself matters. Confidence or boldness speaks on its own. Be confident that you’re beautiful no matter what anyone says. Be confident that you look good in your outfit even when the colours are wrongly combined. I have a friend that wears makeup on rare occasions and has a weird dress sense. But she makes sure she posts her pictures at least 5 days in a week and she’s all smiles; saying in the caption don’t I look amazing. And I mostly laugh when I see it because a part of me wants to text her and say, babe those colours shouldn’t be together. The other part though admires her confidence in her belief that she looks amazing. Her kind of person, no one can tell her otherwise and she’ll believe it. This is not ignorance, she’s just so sure that she is wonderfully made.

Haven’t you been somewhere where someone gets up to make a comment or answer a question and you are certain what the person said didn’t make sense? But he spoke with so much confidence and assurance that you ignored the lack of meaning in what was said. Instead you admired his courage to get up and say that without fear. Well I’ve done this many times. When I’m in a room and they expect me to have a learned opinion on an issue and deep down I know I have no clue. But I am my fathers daughter. I stand up or sit (whichever is required) and put some smart words together, with a few hand gestures and smile at the end. Well aware that I had no clue what I just said but most times I’m applauded for the gibberish comment I made. I might have said things that made sense or not but the applaud wasn’t really about the sense or no sense. It’s about the way it was said.

Don’t get it twisted, it’s important to be learned and be well informed in order not to be embarrassed in public. When you have information it even boosts your confidence because you’re sure of what you are saying. The way we carry ourselves matter, but there’s also a difference between confidence and pride.

My skin is very sensitive and I’ve had to deal with skin reactions for years.  I happen to be the only one with it in my family and amongst my friends, classmates and colleagues. Imagine my plight! I had to work on myself early on not be affected by whatever is happening on my skin. My face either had blackheads, pimples or both, my body one reaction or the other and oh I’m slim (like size 0 slim). Well all of this should lower my self confidence but it did the opposite.

My sister wrote in an article on mental health TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH- DEPRESSION SERIES I . I also wrote in an article about it that loving and appreciating yourself goes a long way. When people expected me to stay home and hide (nothing was contagious). I went to school flaunting my scarred skin, when people expect me to have makeup on always, I go out bare faced. When people always asked, don’t you eat you look starved, I tell them I eat the most. This isn’t the story of my life article, but a “what confidence can do for you” article. I built my confidence level with God’s help definitely, that’s why I can write this. Be confident in the God you serve, be confident in who you are.

When people see you are confident it won’t be about the face or the weight but about the person inside. Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear.

Confidence can open doors. Being confident to speak the truth when others are scared to. Being confident to request for what is due you and not just take what is given

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