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Something I realised about myself recently is how quickly I am to talk myself out of something I want to do or speak negative after doing something and getting a woeful result. While the first one is as a result of fear, the second is because I feel terrible about making a mistake or not doing things differently. Though my action is one way to handle such situations, this particular action does not help my self-esteem, confidence or self-love. So, what I did and am currently doing is consciously uplifting myself and believing that I can be the ultimate best version of me. This way, I most certainly am my biggest fan.

So, this week, I’m showing you 3 ways I am doing this.

3 ways to be your biggest fan

Don’t talk bad about yourself

This is more of an advice than a fact. It is very important to not speak ill of yourself. Because it only causes damage. Mistakes are part of life, and some mistakes are meant to be made so you learn a lesson from it. But in situations of those mistakes, avoid addressing yourself as “stupid”, “crazy” or “a failure”. Because if you’re like me, those words continue to replay in your head for a long time. Rather than put yourself through that mess, just simply avoid using such words on yourself.

As humans, sometimes we care about how others feel when we speak to them, that way we avoid calling people names or shaming anyone with our words. Just as we are with other people, remind yourself to not use such harmful words on ourselves and not hurt your feelings.

Speak positive words

That being said, the kind of words that you should speak to yourself are good and positive words (this is only normal right?). Uplift yourself by speaking positive words about yourself. Remind yourself of your good qualities, your achievements, either big or small and dwell on these things. Address yourself and say the things that you believe about yourself. This could mean you write a letter to yourself, in case you go blank, or speaking to yourself in front of a mirror (I do this sometimes) or using affirmations. It may not be comfortable for you to do the first few times you try it, but it builds your confidence overtime.

Stay away from bad energy

This would probably be the least easy to do because sometimes this bad energy is caused by people you think are your friends. In case you are not clear yet, you need to steer clear of people that bring negativity to your space. However, you should know that these people may not intentionally bring negative vibes. It could just be how you feel about them. Maybe they make you doubt your progress or make you feel sad. If you know it is not good for you, your health, your faith and your mental space, then stay away. Don’t try to manage it, run from it. Because whatever you allow into your space will definitely affect you. This is why it is necessary and important for you to only have people that will uplift and motivate you.

Being your biggest fan means that if nobody supports you and your dreams, you and God are enough to start the journey and enjoy the process. If you have other people that will support you (which everyone will have, you just need to see them) then good for you, your fan base is complete.

It is a conscious effort

So, go be your biggest fan


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